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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 18, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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jon: nice to have you pack today. jenna: oh, thank you. i'm glad i was missed. jon: we missed you yesterday, come on! thanks for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert on new video coming in from the middle east where the violence has spread to new countries today. brand new hour of "america live." welcome, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. it was almost a week ago exactly that protesters started gathering in front of the u.s. embassy in cairo, and in the seven days since, violent protests have spread across the mideast with four americans killed in libya. today we are seeing smoke and flames rising from indian-controlled kashmir as protesters set fire to government vehicles and even an
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effigy of president obama. the chaos forcing businesses and public transportation to shut down in the country's main city. in just north africa and the middle east, protests have already sprung up in some 23 different territories, and with reports of a devastating homicide bombing that killed at least 12 people in afghanistan this morning, thicks do not -- things do not appear to be calming down everywhere. we'll have continuing coverage of the ongoing violence, plus new warnings from al-qaeda that more u.s. diplomats could now be in danger. first, though, another fox news alert on the political fallout from a hidden camera video of governor mitt romney that has been leaked online. a liberal site posting snippets of mr. romney speaking to supporters earlier this year. we're told that we could see more of the video any moment now. they said they would be releasing it early this afternoon. and the material that has been released, governor romney talks about people who would most likely support president obama
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and not governor romney come november. listen here. >> there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what.
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megyn: democrats quick to slam governor romney's remarks as out of touch while the governor stands by the statements but says his wording could have been better. the republican nominee also asking for the whole thing, the entire videotape, to be released. here he is last night commenting on it. >> it's not elegantly stated, let me put it that way. i'm speaking off the cuff in response to a question, and i'm sure i could state it more clearly and a more effective way than i did in a setting like that, and so i'm sure i'll point that out as time goes on. but we don't even have the question, and i hope the person that has the video would put out the full video. >> the mag chien claims it -- magazine claims it will do that. chris stirewalt is host of "power play" on
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live. just reaction from what we've gotten from some in the mainstream media, this from bloomberg, today mitt romney the election. this has killed mitt romney's campaign for president, this is an utter disaster for him. you agree? >> well, that's pretty bad news. i mean, that's kind of my job. if we're canceling the election now, megyn, i don't know what i'm going to do for the next seven weeks. i guess i can take up a hobby. [laughter] you talked yesterday about the media narrative and how it works, and you could not have a better example than this. now, it is debatable whether this will end up being a net benefit or a negative for mitt romney, it depends on how the campaign handles it, it depends on how it plays and all of those things. but for people within the course of just a few hours to come to the conclusion that mitt romney was, had terminated his chances for the presidency tells you what the media climate is like for romney, and it tells you that whatever he does if it can be interpreted negatively, it
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will be. megyn: it's something that some conservatives have already come out and said this is great. they like to hear him talk like this because they say this is what a lot of folks actually believe. not necessarily that 47% of americans are victims as governor romney said, but that 7% of americans are never -- 47% of americans are never going to vote for him because they don't pay federal income tax, they don't respond to his message of lowering taxes on those who do earn enough to pay income tax and that he shouldn't be focusing his time trying to win the votes of such people. >> and if you are part of the 47% or so, the people who do not pay federal income taxes, and if you are a net recipient, if you get more than you give to, in taxes in exchange when you receive subsidy from the federal government, you're not going to vote, you're not going to be much motivated to vote for a guy who says that what he wants to do is cut subsidies and lower
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taxes. romney's owning that. he says that's true. and it's not just conservatives who are looking at this and saying there is the possibility for real goodness in this for romney because be you think back to the best time his campaign has had, it was in the weeks leading up to the republican national convention when paul ryan came out as his running mate. and what was the word that you heard from boston endlessly, endlessly? bold. romney was going to be bold. he made a bold choice. and then the bold kind of went away for a while. we got to the convention and heard a very sort of soft message at the convention, an appeal to moderate moms and a big focus on those issues, and what happened to bold? well, with this out there now romney doesn't have much choice but to own it and be bold with that message that says, look, for the 53% who do pay, this is not the right deal, and he wants them to get together and back his candidacy. >> the narrative that's coming from the folks who really don't like governor romney is that the focus on those last couple of lines, my job is not to worry
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about those people. i'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. and, you know, i watched some of the coverage last night, and there was a breathless delivery about this thing. he is talking about people in wheelchairs, he is talking about veterans. and so now the spin is going to be that he hates the handicapped and the veterans because he made these comments. [laughter] now, you know, look, i think most reasonable people will see that that's not necessarily how he feels, but he talks in that message about how he's trying to appeal to sort of that middle 5 to 7 to 10%. how do they go on this, chris? do they go with sort of he hates wheelchair people, or he is really just talking about not wasting his time on trying to campaign to folks who don't pay any taxes? >> i suppose a lot of them will probably wisely tune out the whole discussion because they know better during the silly season to pay too much attention to that kind of stuff, but there's this, and this is for the romney campaign. when you, when they finally come
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to realize that they are not going to get a fair play on whatever the story is, that the establishment press is not going to call the balls and strikes for romney in a fair way ever, maybe they will start to feel emboldened, maybe they will start to feel empowered to tell the story they want to tell instead of worrying too much about what people who are never going to hear them out are going to stay? megyn: now we've got one candidate that refers to the large group of the american public as victims. >> it's a very fun election, yes, very fun. megyn: thanks, chris. >> you bet. megyn: president obama is no stranger to controversial remarks on the campaign trail, as i mentioned. those bitter clinger comments were made in 2008, and they didn't seem to hurt too much. in 20 minutes our panel debates, and in our next hour we will get reaction directly from the romney campaign when we speak to
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john sununu. we've got more video of these violet protests in india, this is the latest hot spot. again, as we saw in the earlier video, protesters burning effigies of president obama as well as the american flag, and we're also getting reports of a disturbing new warning from al-qaeda. the group's affiliate in north africa is now urging muslims to kill any representative of the u.s. government in the region adding that the killing of u.s. ambassador christopher stevens in libya is the, quote, best gift you give to this arrogant, unjust government, meaning the united states. well, those warnings come as the white house faces tough new questions about whether there was enough security at the consulate where four americans were killed last week. our own chief white house correspondent ed henry has the breaking news right after this break. plus, e-mails have now surfaced in response to a freedom of information request showing the department of justice conspiring to discredit
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some media outlets that have covered various scandals originating at the department of justice. in other words, rather than reaching out directly to the news organizations, they reached out to a very controversial group to try to bash the news organizations. is this really the role of our doj? and why does general motors reportedly want to end its relationship with the federal government, and why is the obama administration saying no? stu varney just ahead. >> what i have no interest in doing is running gm. gm will be run by a private board of directors and management team with a track record in american manufacturing that reflects a commitment to innovation and quality. oh no, not a migraine now.
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megyn: fox news alert, new controversy for the white house today as it responds to reports challenging the administration's version of events that led to the deadly attack on our consulate in libya. u.s. ambassador to the united
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nations susan rice said repeatedly that the violence that led to the deaths of four americans, including our ambassador to libya, was the result of a spontaneous, violent protest that simply got out of hand. but as we hear reports directly to the contrary, the white house is now being challenged on what kind of warning we actually did get prior to this attack. chief white house correspondent ed henry has more live in washington. >> reporter: good to see you, megyn. i did ask jay carney whether or not the administration got some sort of heads up that the situation was deteriorating in libya, some reports suggesting we had up to three days' notice there could be an attack on the consulate. jay carney said he was unaware of those reports. our own catherine herridge has been reporting that the situation on the ground had been deteriorating, and there was some suggestion the u.s. knew about that. i also pressed jay carney on the fact that on september 10th the white house put o out a press release saying the president had
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a meeting to look at the defense posture for u.s. installations all around the world on the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, and that press release suggested that steps had been taken to protect u.s. persons here and abroad. i pressed jay carney on whether this suggested now because these four americans had been killed that the administration had not taken the appropriate steps. here's his answer. you're not trying to say there was enough security in benghazi, are you? >> i am simply saying this is a matter under investigation. it is an absolute tragedy that we lost four americans in benghazi, including our ambassador, including security personnel. and there's an active investigation underway into what happened and why and what the motivations were. and driven by the absolute commitment that this president made to finding who was responsible and holding them, keeping them -- holding them accountable and bringing them to
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justice. and i think that's very important. >> reporter: as for the contradiction between ambassador susan rice saying on five sunday news programs that, in fact, they believe these were not preplanned attacks and that the spark for all this was that anti-muslim video, that has been contradicted as you noted by the libyan president, other intelligence sources. jay carney today left the door open to the idea that the administration's story on this can change was he said -- because he said this investigation is still ongoing, but he still maintained today it is their belief at least in the preliminary stages of this investigation that the attack was not preplanned, megyn. megyn: ed, thank you. well, as the white house responds to questions about the attack in the libya, there is a new book out today that almost predicted these recent events. the book is called "spring fever: the last illusion of islamic democracy." and the author is andrew mccarthy of andrew c. great to have you back on the program. >> great to be here, megyn. megyn: so this is an e-book, they can download on it on their
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kindle. you say the point of your book, the arab spring s that there never one wuss. wuss -- never was one. what do you mean? >> a spontaneous outbreak of democracy never had a chance of happening in this region of the world where the dominant ideology is islamic spectrum schism and where -- sue principle schism and where people aryearning for a more enhanced imposition of sawrrhea law which is islam's societal framework. megyn: if you listen to some of the commentators, they would have us belief these are america-loving people in egypt and elsewhere with just certain factions that are more radical, and those are the ones who get the attention and burn the flag and say "death to america." >> right. my book is intended to be an alternative presentation of that based on facts instead of fantasy. and the facts are, as we've
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learned not only in poll after poll going back a number of years, but now in election after election, the region is rabidly anti-western and rapidly anti-american not so much because of our policies, although they can sometimes exacerbate things, but because their ideology is anti-western. you know, 20 years after the world trade center bombing which i was involved in the prosecution of back -- megyn: former doj official, we should have mentioned. >> well, no. the point is think about all the things that have happened since 1993, and we don't yet get their ideology. in islamic sue principle schism if there is a western force that's operating in the islamic countries, even if they think they're there for humanitarian reasons to make life better for muslims, that's deemed in their ideology to be a profound offense against sharia because they don't want western institutions. and it's not, it's not that they don't get life in the west, it's not that they don't get our
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concept of freedom, it's that they don't want it. megyn: they don't like it. >> they think their civilization is superior. megyn: if you think about the 9/11 hijackers, you know, who lived in this country for months and months and months on end prior to committing mass murder, they weren't exactly wooed by freedom. >> that's exactly right. megyn: there's been a lot of talk about whether what we're seeing here is the collapse of obama doctrine on foreign policy because he did promise us a different approach, and he promised us different results in the muslim world including in 2007 when he was running for president. listen to what he told a new hampshire radio station back then. >> i truly believe that the day i'm inaugurated not only does the country look at itself differently, but the world looks at us differently. if i'm reaching out to the muslim world, they understand i may be a christian, but i also understand their point of view. megyn: that the world would look at us differently for having a president who they should
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believe understands them. >> yeah. megyn: possible? even possible? >> well, no, not possible. i understand the point of view too, you know? i think, actually, we should have a lot more understanding of their point of view. when you have an ideology that regards you as an enemy as islamic supremism regards the u.s., if you demonstrate to them that you're willing to be accommodating and to appease them, they regard that as a failure of strength, and it actually increases their aggressiveness. what we're seeing in the libya now, for example, is a perfect example of this. they want to make this about this cock ca maimmy movie which is no more the reason for what we're see anything that region now than the teddy bear or the cartoons or the other pretexts that have been used in the past. what happened in the last year and a half or so is we've adopted policies that actually have empowered islamists
1:21 pm
throughout the region particularly in libya where per capita they sent more jihadists to iraq to fight against american troops than any other country in the world. megyn: but here's my question because you were the doj under president bush -- >> well, a number of presidents -- megyn: okay. the bush doctrine was to spread democracy, allow democracy to flourish, and that's why a lot of former bush officials came on fox news during the arab spring and actually said, you know what? this is sort of what we wanted, to let democracy flourish. others came on and said, no, no, no, ambassador bolten said repeatedly we don't know what we're getting. sounds like you're in the latter camp. >> yeah. i've been in the no camp since 2003, 2004. i'm all for promoting democracy. if you look at it as a culture, we absolutely should be promoting our values and principles, but the democracy that they promoted is the back end, it's the procedural aspects of democracy, you know, constitution writing and popular elections.
1:22 pm
when i was in the third grade, we had a popular election, you know? we had a president, a vice president, treasurer. the nun was still in charge. [laughter] everybody knew it was not a democracy. megyn: the book is called "spring fever." andrew mccarthy, thank you. >> my pleasure. megyn: coming up, general motors asks uncle sam to sell its stake in the automaker, so why did president obama respond with a no? insulin users test often.
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megyn: well, just three years after president obama promised that general motors would, quote, call the shots, after a billion dollar bailout agreement, we got reports that the company tried to call one very big shot this week, asking uncle sam the sell its multibillion dollar stake in the company. but we are hearing that the administration said, no. and now we're hearing gm suggest
1:26 pm
that this request actually never happened in the first place. hmm. stu varney is the anchor of "varney & company" on the fox business network. so they said three years after we informed, well, we bailed them out to the tune of $50 billion, we the taxpayers, general motors is starting to feel constrained by the government's stake in it and wants uncle sam out. what should we be rooting for as the taxpayer? >> oh, uncle sam does not want to get out, certainly not. not now. if the administration sells the taxpayer stake now, then the administration loses control over general motors. gm's not doing very well. it would likely shrink in totally private hands, that means layoffs, that means that the bailout wouldn't look anywhere near as good as president obama thinks it does. secondly, if you sell out now, it is obvious exactly how much money we really have lost. sell out now and it's $15 billion. again, the bailout is not a success. the banks were bailed out, they paid back with interest and profit in full.
1:27 pm
megyn: so that was a good investment. >> well, some would say not. but, look, if general motors sells now, we realize a $15 billion loss. that would not be politically popular. megyn: well, it wouldn't because we don't want to lose money. so you're making it sound like the obama administration just doesn't want to look bad politically, but they also don't want to lose our money because we don't want them to. >> that's a fair point, but this is a totally politicized environment. general motors was bailed out. president obama says he saved general motors. if he now gets our money out, realizes the loss, general motors will shrink their will-be layoffs, and that will look bad. megyn: well, if he waits, if he gives general motors more time, might he make our money back? might we not lose $15 billion but actually make some money? >> the stock today is at $23. we own 500 million shares at $23. sell today, we lose $15 billion. we have to wait until the stock gets to 53 before we get all of
1:28 pm
our money back. yeah, do you think we're going to get to 53 very quickly when the company itself is not doing very well? odds are, no. megyn: i don't like our odds. i don't like our odds. [laughter] if i'm standing at the vegas craps table, i'm not feeling so good. >> taxpayers stay in for the immediate future and beyond. megyn: all right, stu, thank you. new fallout, next, on these secret recordings of governor romney's remarks to supporters back in may. some democrats are saying they could spell the end of the romney campaign, but some conservatives say, actually, it could be quite the opposite. we'll debate, you decide next. plus, a freedom of information request turns up some stunning e-mails showing the department of justice conspiring to discredit certain media outlets covering doj scandals. how high did this idea actually go? and serious questions about the media's handling of anti-american protests overseas. is there new evidence that the
1:29 pm
mainstream media is in the tank for president obama? our focus group weighs in. >> they let president obama off the -- he cannot answer basic questions, what is the capital of israel, why are these people burning our flags and killing our ambassadors, are we at war with these people or not? these are basic questions that he cannot answer and will not answer, and, in fact, is interviewing with "people" magazine and the pimp with the limp instead of facing the reporters. [ giggling ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] ♪
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megyn: fox news alert, we just learned that we are going to get more of this romney, of these romney remarks in roughly an hour, this tape that was made back in may surreptitiously at a fundraiser that he was having. a liberal magazine is releasing more of these recordings and his conversation with his supporters. now, it's been leaking out over the summer here and there in bits and pieces, and now this mother jones magazine is about to release the whole thing. among the topics that he touched on and the material already released, the conflict between the israelis and pal stints among other things -- palestinians among other things. listen here.
1:34 pm
megyn: democrats have also criticized governor romney for comments characterizing president obama's supporters as people who are dependent on government and, quote, victims who will never vote for governor
1:35 pm
romney. so do these videos hurt or possibly help governor romney? julie roginsky is a former political adviser to senator frank lautenberg, and lars larsen is with compass media networks. julie? >> i'm not dependent, i'm happy to say. i'm not dependent on government, and i'm not asking for any handouts -- >> [laughter] not yet. >> and never will be unless you count social security and medicare -- >> obamacare -- >> of course, which i pay a lot of taxes. obamacare, my insurance company will make sure i'm covered. >> not yet. >> listen, here's the problem for mitt romney, and i'm not saying this is a partisan, i'm saying this as somebody who's analyzing the situation. this is rhetoric that helps him tremendously with his conservative base. and that's fine. the problem for mitt romney is that in order to win this election, he needs to expand beyond his conservative base. megyn: ironically, that was the buoyant he was make anything the -- point he was making in
1:36 pm
the video. >> 23% of independent voters believe that low income people are paying too little. just 23%. conversely, 56% believe the rich are paying too little. so it's not appealing to independents to have this kind of message out there, although it does reinforce his position with his own base. megyn: and yet there's another poll that fox news did recently, lars, that asked republicans, democrats and independents is the federal government doing too much or too little right now in the country, and i want to focus on the independent feedback because that, a as we're all seeming to agree, is the number that matters here. the republicans won't be bothered by what he said, the democrats probably will, and the independents, look at this, 62% believe the federal government is doing too much to solve the country's problems, just 29% believe it's too little. gallup, sorry, gallup. >> governor romney phrased it inartfully, but there's a lot of truth in what he said, and this is, i think, going to resonate with average americans. they recognize let's take the
1:37 pm
broad picture, half of american workers pay no federal income taxes, yet half of american households receive some support from the government through tanf, wic, welfare, the whole nine yards. and people recognize when you have half the country not paying anything and half the country receiving some kind of benefit, like it or not, it doesn't mean every single obama supporter is on food 1256r7s or welfare. -- food stamps or welfare. at the end of the day, megyn, ask yourself: if somebody's receiving federal government assistance of some kind or a state check that's dependent on a federal payment which is what most of them are, that's going to mean they're likely to vote for the guy who promises to give them more rather than the guy who threatens to cut back what they're getting. that's pretty simple, julie. megyn: there's a piece mosted today, julie, this is the quote about how some folks on the right in particular or even in the middle may feel, quote: i have no doubt they will welcome
1:38 pm
hearing some tough and realistic talk against those riding the wagon instead of pulling it. >> yep. >> well, part of that is right. people on the right will be happy to hear it. the unfortunate reality, though, is that it's not true. look, there's a reason why some people don't pay income tax. some are seniors and they're retired -- >> no, i'm talking about workers, julie. >> well, exactly right. >> workers. >> some have deductions like the earned income tax credit which is a very big republican-supported program, some have the child deduction which they also take, another something that was very much supported by republicans in a bipartisan way. so it's because of policies that both republicans and democrats supported, ironically, policies that have designed to get people off of welfare to work that we have the situation that we have. >> megyn -- >> these people also, let me finish, also pay much more of a percentage of their incomes because of payroll taxes, property taxes -- megyn: well, that's not true. mitt romney paid income taxes, he's birthday in a -- >> well, we don't know what he
1:39 pm
pays, actually. megyn: he pays, he gets most of his salary in terms of capital gains -- >> we don't know. megyn: even democratic president bill clinton lowered the capital gains rate. but listen, lars, the point is, you know, if you want -- watched some of the media coverage last night, it was this breathless, you know, he, you know, mitt romney, he hates half the country. >> he's a mean, he's a mean millionaire. megyn: right. as it turns out, mitt romney confesses behind closed doors that he hates seniors and veterans and people in wheel chairs. >> are but he doesn't. megyn: well, that's the narrative that's coming out. you tell me whether those people walk away thinking i liked him before, but now i do not? >> they might. but i trust that americans are actually very smart despite what the elite liberals in this country who are the leadership who think that they're incapable of thinking and incapable of doing for themselves. they you understand as nice as s to have these federal programs,
1:40 pm
we're running out of money. we are functionally bankrupt right now, and that's something that even the hardest-core, left-wing supporter knows. medicare, bankrupt. social security, essentially, bankrupt. it's not happening today, but they recognize that day is coming. and when all of the checks stop going to all of the people, we're going to have a problem unless we start making some changes right now. you don't wait until you're at the edge of the cliff to pull back, and president obama, he's the food stamp president for a reason. his administration has pushed food stashes. the state i'm sit -- stamps. the state i'm sitting in right now, oregon, got a multibillion dollar bonus because they were the most successful at signing up the most people for food stamps, and the administration has said put aside your pride. julie, that's shameful, and people know it's not sustainable. megyn: all right. i've got to leave it at that. >> it's also not true, but okay. megyn: julie and lars, thank you both. coming up next, new conspiracy claims against the department of justice after a series of e-mails show the
1:41 pm
communications office actively trying to discredit media caught lets covering -- outlets covering doj scandals. you will meet one of the government employees you're paying for this back room work right after the break. and this probably wasn't on the syllabus. the growing outrage after a college professor reportedly asks her students to pledge to vote for president obama. >> i asked her why is it[ fe necessary that i sign this, and she told me, because i passed iu out.nv and i was, like, oh, my gosh. you see exactly where your money is and what it's doing live. our e-trade pro platform offers powerful functionality that's still so usable you'll actually use it. and our mobile apps are the ultimate in wherever whenever investing. no matter what kind of investor you are, you'll find the technology to help you become a better one
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[ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shrimp is back... but only foa limited time! try as much as you like, any way you like! like parmesan crusted simp just $14.99. i'm ryaisabell and i sea fd differently. megyn: well, a disturbing affront to the first amendment? after the department of justice is caught conspiring to smear media outlets who question the department's investigations. internal e-mails obtained by "the daily caller" show members of attorney general eric holder's communication staff -- in fact, the communications acting director, the director --
1:45 pm
directly collaborating regularly with the left-wing advocacy group media matters for america in an attempt to discredit media coverage of several doj scandals including the new black panther party case and the fast and furious investigation. chief washington correspondent james rosen has more from d.c. >> reporter: megyn, good afternoon. the department of justice took nine months to produce to the conservative web site the daily caller 69 pages of materials, these materials obtained under the freedom of information act including multiple e-mails from the director of doj's office of public affairs in which she can be seen corps responding with various staffers at the liberal outfit, media matters. these e-mails picture her as a savvy partisan player, sometimes obliging requests for documents that media matters' writers could use to undermine the credibility of fox news
1:46 pm
personals and critics like congressman daryl issa, but also sometimes reaching out with her own whereas for stories. >> it is clearly a pure attempt to lie about the news. in one case we have the spokesman from the justice department e-mailing media matters and saying, in effect, why don't you do a story on this? i just saw something on fox, and why don't you attack it? i'm sure they're watching this right now, there's no question about it. >> six months ago she, indeed, watched "america's newsroom." in that segment phillips made the claim -- vision rusely disputed by the obama administration -- that fast and furious was conceived to help usher in, quote, gun control laws. wide
1:47 pm
>> reporter: by that afternoon media matters' web site featured a blog post attacking phillips' segment with kohl by. colby. devoted to exposing media bias, however, it's founder david brock has characterized the group's mission as the waging of war on fox news. the justice department declined to comment for this story. a spokesman for media matters told me the group would comment only if it was offered a chance to appear live on this network which request this reporter was in no position to grant. megyn? [laughter] megyn: thanks, james. will anyone in the justice department be held accountable for this? jay sekulow is the chief counsel for the american center of law and justice, he also served a at the united states department of justice. jay, welcome. so, you know, media matters is going to -- it's designed to, you know, bring down fox news.
1:48 pm
how's that going? >> right. [laughter] megyn: but this is the department of justice. they serve all of us. >> yeah. megyn: tracy works for you and me and all the viewers who are watching this program right now. what is she doing? >> well, what she's doing is using media matters as an outside public relations consultant for the united states department of justice. i looked at the, i've got the e-mails that have gone back and forth that daily caller was able to get their hands on, and the fact of the matter is when you read through this material, you see not only is media matters being consulted with ideas and con cements, but stories -- con cements, but stories are being pitched, and media matters' job is to undercut what we're discussing right now on fox news. and here's the problem that i think the department of justice has. the idea that you would utilize a source like media matters, which is not a news agency, but the purpose of media matters is, as you noted, to discredit fox and those that appear on fox. the fact of the matter is to
1:49 pm
utilize them as your proxy in engaging in a dispute whether it's on the new black panther party and the denial of the department of justice to bring civil rights actions against them or whether it is on the coverage of fast and furious should really raise serious concerns not just with people inside the department of justice, which i think should be very concerned about this, but also to those legislative oversight within the house and senate. but also as you just said, megyn, to people like us. why is it that our department of justice is consulting with media matters to get their message out or to get a different message out? why are they not using their public relations or their office of public exhume cases to respond -- communications to respond to inquiries? the question needs to be asked. why are they utilizing media matters to do their work? megyn: there's a reason they go to media matters, and its bias is well known and open and notorious, but i can't tell you the number of stories we've done that involve the department of
1:50 pm
justice where we'd love to get the department of justice on, we would love to have tracy on the show so she can offer the doj's take on any story we're doing that. we would love that! they don't come on, they don't talk! but now we find out, oh, yes, they do. they are creating the message, but only in the forum, you know, the most biased, mission-driven forum there is right now in terms of, you know, media critics. >> right. well, doj, d. of justice, unfortunately, is utilizing media matters as their proxy to engage public opinion. rather than, like you said, addressing it directly on a credible network like fox news, what do they do? they go to media matters instead to get some of their information out leaking -- not leaking, but giving documents to media matters to place a story. and the idea that our united states department of justice is using media matters as their fronting group is absurd. and here's the real, fundamental problem, and i think it goes back to everything we've been
1:51 pm
discussing the last couple of ways on the whole way the department of justice has gone down here. when the department of justice has an issue, they need to confront it head on whichever way it comes occupant. that's the deal with integrity and its ability to defend our civil rights -- megyn: yeah. come out and talk about it. i want to talk to you more about this, in particular what, if anything, should happen to tracy and whether or not this is authorized by eric holder after the break. of hardest-working, smoothest-riding.lass it's got the most torque, the smoothest suspension, the best storage, class-leading comfort, and a revolutionary collection of versatile accessories. it's built on everything we've learned creating the world's best-selling utility side-by-sides. introducing the all new 60-horsepower ranger xp 900, a whole new class of hardest-working, smoothest-riding.
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1:54 pm
megyn: joining me again is jay sekulow on this. jay, one of the things that jumped out at me in the daily caller report is not only is tracy schmaler attacking news organizations, including most particularly fox news, but she appears to be praising the media matters pieces that go after current and former doj officials. there was a guy named chris coats who found himself in the new black panther case where
1:55 pm
there is voter intimidation at the polls with the guys with the billy clubs in philadelphia, and that guy worked for the doj and was in a very uncomfortable position, but he did back up the account suggesting that they had some questionable policies at the doj can. media matters says its normal hit piece on those two guys, she writes: great piece. >> right. megyn: these are former or current doj guys. what should happen to her? is in the tracy, or is this everything holder? >> no one knows for sure, and we've got to get more information before we say this goes to eric holder. here's the problem, first of all, tracy's a senior person within the department of justice. there are other e-mails where media matters notifies the department of justice of a story that ran on fox, and say you'd better get ready for this, how do you want to respond, and then, you're right, they get the e-mail praising them for the piece whether it's information on a hit piece on a former doj employee.
1:56 pm
they have an office of professional responsibility, and i don't know if tracy's a lawyer or not a lawyer, but i will tell you this, the office of professional responsibility should be looking at this because the idea that the department of justice is using media matters as its proxy, as its front group or its outside, you know, unpaid consultant to do this is outrageous. and when professional ethics are involved, which raises a serious issue here, and media journalism ethics. the idea that you're planting stories with media matters or giving them information to go after former employees of doj, that is over the top and needs to be seriously investigated by the office of professional responsibility inside doj. does it go to eric holder? i mean, who knows, you know? i suspect between now and the election we probably don't find out. but there are people looking at this now, and i think as long as we stay on it, we need to demand an answer to that. why is it that media matters gets a special relationship with the united states department of justice? somebody needs to be asking that question. megyn: jay sekulow, thank you so much. well, coming up, "the washington post" now going after
1:57 pm
pollster scott rasmussen yesterday -- they did it yesterday -- suggesting that his research which showed this race tight and actually mitt romney a point above barack obama is skewed, and he's biased. in five minutes, we'll take a look at his track record and ask him about the charges. we'll also ask him about the gallup poll that now shows he may have been exactly right. plus, new questions about media coverage on events in the middle east. stay tuned.
1:58 pm
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2:01 pm
they are blaming an internet video produced by an american -- the administration says that's the cause of this. but there has been plenty of evidence in the last week that's of these protests are driven by a bigger agenda. leland vittert is streaming live from cairo where we are seeing more protests. >> reporter: this announcement by the egyptian court shows how much power the hard-line islam movement has gained in cairo. they say they want the producers of this film tried under sharia law, muslim law, which means if they are convicted and do not repent their seasons for insulting the prophet mohammad they would be executed. this waive of anti-american
2:02 pm
protests began in egypt. most of the organizers had not even seen this film that is causing so much of the outrage. one of the organizers is the brother of the current leader of al qaeda. he says there are more protests possible and he is going to continue to incite his people to move forward. he said the past 18 months as things have changed throughout the middle east have made it much easier for him to recruit followers. things becoming more radical or less radical? >> now they allow freedom everywhere, he tells me. all the groups are expressing themselves. we need to show the truth of islam. >> reporter: if you are the true islam does that mean more people will join you? yes, he says, that's what happened. he continues, when people are discovering the truth of us they are joining us more and more.
2:03 pm
these salafists and hard-line islamists, jihadis view the arab spring as a major opportunity. they view it as a chance to switch this from what was a moderate islamic state to a hard-line islamic state. they extra sharia law here. they want to take over in syria and libya and yemen. they say so long as the united states continues to push its current policies of freedom and democracy around the world they will continue what they view as a war against the united states and we have seen al qaeda calling for more attacks on the united states and its assets abroad. megyn: that is unbelievable to see you sitting down with the leader of al qaeda's brother. what was it like for you to be a couple feet away from that man?
2:04 pm
>> reporter: in many ways it was surreal in terms of the experience. i think that struck me the most as we sat there together for an hour and a half before talking beforehand and sitting downpour was the banality of evil with someone who hates the values we hold so near and dear. since the revolution in egypt we have been able to work our way into some of the movements here. the sal if i * movement. and al-zawahiri is trying to have his thoughts heard. they are candid about what they want in the middle east and how much they hate america. megyn: incredible. leland vittert continues to shock and amaze us with his reporting. there are growing questions
2:05 pm
today about media coverage of what's been happening in the middle east. immediately after the attacks in egypt and libya the headlines seemed to focus more on governor romney and his timing of it than the death of four americans. today we put together a power panel of respected journalists and i asked for their thoughts. >> if the iranians bombed paris the mainstream paris would lead with the romney story. there we are. it is total preoccupation with this sense of mitt romney as awkward, rich, distant, tin eastward, incompetent at reaching people. and that's the picture of him that emerges everywhere. megyn: that's a pulitzer prize winner from the "wall street journal." plus governor romney will be on the neil cavuto show at 4:00 p.m. today.
2:06 pm
the very same day a new poll from rasmussen reports shows the president's post convention bounce fading. scott rasmussen gets called out in a "washington post" hit piece. a hit piece on rasmussen that suggests his polls are skewed because the result don't always match those from other pollsters. here to discuss that is scott rasmussen. they have gone after you, scott. apparently they have ran out of people to attack so now they are attacking you. the headline is "rasmussen, the gop's cure for the common poll." they talk about how democrats believe you are a thinly veiled partisan republican pollster. confirm or deny. >> i was in democrat in 1980 and republican in 1979 and i haven't been in either party since. so i guess i have to deny that
2:07 pm
one. that's silly. our polls show this race is very close. it's a tossup. i don't know who is going to win. every other poll is showing the same thing, but the only exception has been in that immediate post-convention period when the president got a great bounce and we showed that bounce as well. megyn: we did a segment that showed many in the media went nuts when the nbc-maris poll showed the president up 5-7 points. then we see a hit piece in the washington post on how rasmussen is unreliable and unreliable and attacking you. that's why we mentioned the gallup poll which is of registered voters which shows it's the race is within 1 or 2 points. they show 47-46. >> with the president up by a point.
2:08 pm
among registered voters. if they were showing a likely voter model they will they would show romney ahead by 3 points because republicans are more engaged in this election. the "post" showed it was a 1-point race so they were to our right. megyn: with you were in the tank for the democrats that day. one of the criticisms is that you -- this is the quote -- routinely weigh result for party identification. even doug schoen and pat caddell says rasmussen polls more republicans. explain that. >> we do wait for partisan identification. whether you are republican or democrat is the best indicator of how you are going to vote. we don't pull the numbers out of the air. we find out how many republicans and democrats are in the electorate. we are continually updating it. megyn: if you polled in the
2:09 pm
state of new york your poll would have more democrats than republicans than in a state like texas. >> we are showing 38% democrats and 26% republicans. megyn: i want to talk about your past performance. with regard to the 2008 presidential election. fordham political scientists did an analysis of 23 polling estimations. rasmussen and pew were perfectly in agreement with the actual election result. you got it right. in 2010, the congressional mid-terms you predicted the republicans would gain 50 seats in the house. they won 47 in the senate. and same thing back in 2004. you -- within .5% you projected bush would win 50.2%.
2:10 pm
he got 57% of the vote. i think you stand by your accuracy. >> you collect all of these quotes when people say things. in december of 2009 when we were showing the republican wave, a democratic strategist said if you believe rasmussen's numbers the republicans would gain 60 seats in the house in 2010 and that's never going to happen. but of course it did. megyn: you are such a nice guy. how could they go after you. >> they go after you, too. megyn: i'm a sweetheart. we'll take your thoughts on that. now they are going after rasmussen. potential new evidence in the case of jeffrey macdonald. a former armory doctor who served time for the deaths of his pregnant wife and two children. now a new book is out questioning his conviction. is he and innocent man? we have him on tape for you
2:11 pm
today. new reaction on a leaked video where the governor romney says 47% of the electorate are described as feeling like victims. we asked over 3,000 doctors to review 5-hour energy
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megyn: breaking news out of pennsylvania where the state's highest court ordered a review of the new voter i.d. law. the lower court ruled the law is fine. the supreme court heard arguments and just weighed in kicking it back down to the lower court saying you tell us whether lit disenfranchise votessers. if it's not, it can stand. if it is going to disenfranchised voters it cannot stand. we'll wait to see what happens in that lower court in a
2:15 pm
critical election state. >> we are expecting new video from a secretly taped meeting between governor romney and his supporters. critics hitting mr. romney after he said 47% of vote horse support the president typically depend on the government for a check. some of the reaction has been dramatic. from broom berg in an opinion couple. joining me now former new hampshire supporters john sununu. i want to talk about the independent bloc and the democratic base. the democrats need to fire up their base. is this going to help?
2:16 pm
>> the real story behind these comment are the fact that what's behind it is president obama's deliberate attempt to do class warfare as part of his campaign strategy. it's president obama who decided to divide the electorate down those levels. he has said that we have to get more out of the rich. he condemns success. he tellsed the job creators they didn't build it. now myth romneys quantity guys it at 47-47 and the liberal media says that's the story. the story is in all of my life there has never been a president who uses class warfare as aggressively as obama. he used race warfare against hillary clinton and she said shame on you obama. mitt just put the numbers on the table. megyn: the problem with governor romney's comment is he sounds like he bought into the class warfare. he describes in the video 47% of
2:17 pm
the american people as quote victims. >> he apologized for the i will elegance of his language. but if you look at polls today. his numbers are 47-47. gallup is 47-47. megyn: that was before this. >> the point is the numbers are exactly what mitt romney was saying. there is a division down the middle and he and obama are going to fight for the 6% or 7% that isn't represented by 47-47. it's time pea understood that the object significance that the liberal media has on this is like they did last week when we had the death of an ambassador. we had demonstrations around the world showing the failure of the obama foreign policy. they were arguing whether romney's message was a half-hour too early. there is an insanity to the reporting of this election when the big issues ought to be debated like unemployment.
2:18 pm
23 million american out of work. the fact that americans are so discouraged they are not looking for work. those are the things we should be talking about not some kid's videotape. megyn: another thing governor romney said speak of that 47% dependent on the government. my job is not to worry about those people. i will never convince them they should take personal responsibility for their lives. that narrative became governor romney doesn't care about people who receive veterans benefits. he doesn't care about senior citizens who receive medicare. he doesn't care about people who receive wheelchairs through their medicare program. >> that's not who he's talking about. he was talking about the fact that the electorate is a hard 47 for him and a hard 47 for obama and what is joins as a campaigner is to fight for the middle of% or 7%.
2:19 pm
megyn: i get that. but the piece of the language is i'll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives. the implications are if you are in that 47% you don't take personal responsibility and care for your life. >> what you are looking at is basically a response to the obama administration that is oh proud of itself for putting that julia webb online saying we can take care of you from cradle to grave. i think the governor was expressing frustration that there are a lot of people information whom that message is the message. he has to foe after the people who understand the different beeen big government policies and free enterprise policies. megyn: when you listen to that videotape you see a bit of a different mitt romney. and some of the conservatives that came out today saying amen. we want some see that governor
2:20 pm
romney on the trail that embraces a principle, it's the workers and the takers to some extent in this country and he should go with that message. is that how he feels and is that what we are likely to see? >> i think what you are seeing is a governor romney that understands in a campaign you have to deal with the environment as it exists and you have a liberal media looking for the tiniest wart they can blow up into a giant cancer. i understand he has to be more guard with what he says and the explicit language he uses. the big message is obama has failed this country economically, it's got to be fixed and mitt romney is the guy to do it. megyn: a reminder. governor romney will be a guest on "your world" with neil cavuto today. there is a developing security situation on the mexican border. a massive prison break not far from u.s. soil. dangerous convicts are on the
2:21 pm
loose and some are worried the inmates might head north. with antiamerican riots raging in the american world. new questions over the media coverage we have in this country and we have a powerful panel and a great debate just ahead.
2:22 pm
2:23 pm
2:24 pm
megyn: u.s. authorities on alert on the mexican bored after 150 mexican prison inmates escaped from the federal penitentiary just over the fo -- just over te texas border. >> reporter: they captured three of these inmates. 129 remain on the loose. prisons in mexico are few and
2:25 pm
far between was the states have said they can't handle dangerous criminals. they are believed to be cartel members and now this is being investigated as an inside job. the prison director is being questioned along with two employees. they call this a prison break. you really they just walked out. it was a tunnel 21 feet long. 130-plus walked out. there have been signs this thing has been around for quite some time. it's right across the rio grande from eagle pass texas. on a low-flowing river in the middle of the night. the border patrol is on high alert. mexican military forces are involved. but the big fear is the cartels helped them break out and the cartels will make sure they stay free. there has already been a major shootout south of this prison
2:26 pm
break. four people are dead. they are investigating if any of the inmates are part of that shooting. megyn: jeffrey macdonald has spent the last four decades behind bars arguing he is innocent of the brutal murder of his wife, pregnant wife, and two young daughters. today after four books, one movie and years of national attention he is back in court. given a second chance to argue his case. some unanswered questions about how governor romney and his foreign policy position became a bigger story than the middle east erupting in violence. it wasn't really his foreign policy, it was his decision to criticize the initial response of the u.s. embassy.en there are allegations the mainstream media is shaping the news to up tension alley show
2:27 pm
the governor in an unfavorable light.
2:28 pm
2:29 pm
2:30 pm
megyn: as we have been watching events unfold in the middle east there have been a growing number of questions about the media coverage immediately after the attack that saw our embassy overrun in libya and four americans being killed including our ambassador. the focus seemed to be on governor romney's initial response and not the events overseas. now some say this reminds them of what we saw in 2008. a media shaping coverage decisions to leave mr. obama in
2:31 pm
a flattering light and not so much his opponent. i spoke with journalists and political pundits. joining me, my panel. including dorothy rabinowitz. you wrote a scathing report on media bias. >> they are deluding themselves. today with this little story about mitt romney having said some questionable things now. if the iranians bombed paris the mainstream media would lead with the romney story. it's total preoccupation with this sense of mitt romney as awkward, rich, distant, tin eastward, incompetent at reaching people. that's the picture of him that emerges everywhere.
2:32 pm
whereas barack obama goes to his convention, takes full credit for the bin laden raid, for three full days he and everyone else -- no one thinks about this as the most offensive tin eared kind of awkwardness, no one writes about it that way. had mitt romney done anything like that you would have heard for days, left and right about it. and so we see this going forward. it's inevitable, i suppose. we have that mainstream media. megyn: what do you make of it, ed rollins. do you think it is worse this time around? >> i do. i think they thought it would be a competitive race. every four years those of us who love politics, this is our olympics. to a certain extent they thought romney would be a better candidate than he turned out to be. now they are jumping on the process part of the story as
2:33 pm
opposed to the substance. megyn: in the olympics you have two people next to each other blood, muscle and bone whoever is fastest wins. you don't have someone with a shackle being held back which is what dorothy is saying the mainstream media is doing to governor romney. >> we have won lots of contests with the media against us. romney made a minor mistake. he didn't miss is interpret facts. he said something he probably shouldn't have said at a closed fundraiser. people are saying this is the end of his campaign. how absurd is that when you are within 2-3 points with the election 7 wreaks away. megyn: we talked about how republicans are run and the press has long been leaning
2:34 pm
left. but you think it's worse this time around. >> in fairness, i think governor romney has facilitated the process. with all due respect to dorothy and ed when you say 47% aren't paying taxes and they are victims when a large percentage of them are paying payroll taxes -- megyn: he's talking about income tax. >> it may well be true but it's missing the basic point that these are hard-working tax-paying americans that pay taxes at a higher rate than he does. sure there is bias. but the governor is facilitating the process and making it tougher for republicans to win. romney can still win this election, but if there are more gaffes it's distinctly unlikely that he will. >> look, doug, there is a rule i think we should drop in fairness. almost everything that follows the "in fairness" line turns out
2:35 pm
to be nonsense. here we have romney facilitating the process? if you are the continual target of every form of media prognostication that you are dead, you are going to come out looking a little squeaky. it takes a superhuman personality to overcome that. megyn: governor como, dorothy made a point in her editorial that the intense focus on governor romney and his decision to comment too soon, it was something the white house later criticized as well. he was criticizing the embassy statement apologizing for hurting religious feelings of muslims. president obama said washington didn't authorize that statement. i want to ask you. then the president went off to vegas while the ambassador was dead.
2:36 pm
it was the same day we learned he had died. if a president bush had done that, same coverage from the media? >> i disagree. i think the only bias is a negative bias. i think the media is negative and they look for the negative stories and where they find it they go. even to president obama. pew did a study earlier this year where they studied 16 weeks and 14 of them were negative on obama and 8 of them were negative on romney. we are 50 days away from the election. absolutely the election is taking front page and first story. megyn: the question is what angle? is there an increased intensity on damaging the republican candidate in particular now that we are 50, 49 days away. >> i think when conservatives
2:37 pm
talk about bias they don't mean this or that story defends obama. what they mean is what's news, what's considered news. what is considered a gaffe. it generally fits a framework that is hostile to republicans and sympathetic to democrats. we see that. we saw that george stephenopoulos. i don't mind the media at a press conference saying we have got to get this answer from the president on the record. 7 questions on that subject. meanwhile, they let president obama off the hook. what is the capital of israel. why are these people burning our flags and killing our ambassadors. are we at war with these people or not? these are basic questions that he cannot answer and will not answer. and in fact his interview with
2:38 pm
"people" magazine instead of facing reporters. that's what conservatives see as the bias. not so much the individual story line but just the framework. megyn: if you watched some of the coverage last night when the romney video broke. the breathlessness with which some in the media got -- this was the thing that was going to turn the election. you guys tell me, is this the thing that's going to turn the election? >> absolutely not. this will be forgotten in two days. at the end of the day this campaign as to drive an agenda and talk about thing that matter to people. americans still care about the economy. there is a new poll, fox latino poll that talks about latino voters, what do they think about. the economy is number one. megyn: but the new narrative is mitt romney doesn't care about people. >> you have to drive your own
2:39 pm
message. and you can't get off track. megyn: he did drive that message. he did say they were victims. >> the problem with governor romney is he doesn't have a message. my friend bill mcgurn is a brilliant man who outlines what you need to do to revitalize america. the governor is subject to these attacks because of the media bias and because he doesn't have a coherent narrative for america. he was about to start one. the bottom line, it's partially his fault. we have to own up to that. megyn: the comments he made were controversial at least. 47% of americans view themselves as victims. that will get played over and over again. but if you read some of the conservative blogs they say great, finally somebody said what we hear at cocktail parties. >> this will win him some votes. but it's unfortunate it was an
2:40 pm
inadvertent comments. let's go back four years ago when candidate obama talked about guns and all those religious people clinging to their religion and guns which some of us thought was an outrageous insult to americans, but nobody said -- but of course it lasts two days. but the people who made much of it were of course the conservatives. you did not find it. ask yourself who has don't equivalent of this long story "the washington post" bid on the school boy affair that mitt romney had when he allegedly bullied someone in his boys school. he was 19. who has done that. >> it tells barack obama life story. i read in vanity fair a long account of obama's life.
2:41 pm
megyn: there has been a question on whether the mainstream media has been unfocused on unearthing the real mitt romney rather than obama. >> that's because he's the new person there. megyn: what happened when obama was the new person there. >> when you live in the world of washington. >> donald trump road to the top of the republican poll based on that. >> i don't want to disagree with doug when he talks about my brilliance. but i do think that with this 47%, what the governor said was a little inarticulate but he needs to press the point about what he needs. the growing dependency of not the poor, but the middle classes is a legitimate debate that the
2:42 pm
dividing issue. there are some polls showing 67% of democrats think the government ought to do more and i don't know what the percentage of americans think the government should do. >> they believe in economic growth. megyn: thank you so as much, a pleasure. we are taking your thoughts on it. follow me on twitter @megynkelly. jeffrey macdonald has spent the last four decades maintaining his innocence for the alleged murder -- for the murder he was convicted of his pregnant wife and two daughters. 2 and 5 years old. now he says he has new evidence, new dna evidence among other evidence that will blow this case wide open. we'll discuss it right after the
2:43 pm
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megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. it's day two of court hearing weighing potentially new evidence. former army doctor has spent decades behind bars convicted of killing his whole family. the murders were in 1970. he has been in jail since 1979. he has maintained his innocence, saying it was drug-crazed hippies who broke into his house and killed his pregnant wife and two young daughters. here he is in his own words in an interview roughly 20 years ago. >> i did not murder or hurt my family in any way. i was innocent in 1970 and i'm innocent now. macdonald's story has spawned
2:47 pm
four books as well as a made-for-tv movie. there are questions about whether his first trial was a fair one. could he be getting out of jail after nearly 40 years? joining me, joey jackson. >> helena stokley was possibly one of those drug-crazed hippies he was referring to. she inscribed the inside of the house. what happened was the prosecutor according to an officer who was present during an interview told her if you defendify for the defense i will prosecute you. that's witness intimidation, that's a felony. that has to be thrown out. then you have the dna evidence that did not match dr. macdonald, his wife or two daughters. that technology didn't exist in the 1970s.
2:48 pm
it exists now. i don't see any way now the judge does not throw these charges out and release this doctor after more than 42 years. megyn: he claimed the men came in and the woman in the floppy hat. beat him unconscious. and that they found the word "pig" scrawled in blood on a headboard which mirrored the manson murders. the prosecution claimed he staged it all. but he says the woman in the floppy hat wanted to testify at trial but was threatened by the prosecutor. >> there is a lot of misconceptions about dna and what the limitations are. dna doesn't tell us how something got there or when it got there. therefore we don't know if the dna is dna of the police investigating. people who were guests in the home at some other time.
2:49 pm
so we can't overly rely on that. let's rely on the testimony of helena stokley. she told multiple stories to police and admitted that on the night of the murders she was high on drugs so she is not credible. as to the last point concerning the deputy. the deputy waits a quarter century to come forward and say something is burning in my heart, i have to get this out. why not come forward sooner? if that's not enough for you. let's evaluate this. when you look at the deputy, he gave inconsistent statement in terms of what stokey told him, what she told him and how she told him. megyn: the problem for the defense is neither the woman in the floppy hat, the alleged woman. nor the federal marshal are
2:50 pm
alive. they are both dead, the woman is dead. how do they get this evidence to persuade a judge to throw out the conviction? >> the sworn statement, megyn. miss stokley has been dead since 1983 and the officer is dead as well. that prosecutor was convicted of embezzlement in 1993. so on top of that we have that evidence against him that he has serious credibility problems. miss stokley recanted what she said about being inside the home. but the initial statement with us clear and she described the inside of the house and different thing near the murder scene like a hobby horse. megyn: so how did she know that? joey, what is likely to happen now. is this judge deciding whether to let him out scot-free? >> the judge is making a decision whether there is enough evidence to throw out the
2:51 pm
conviction. i think we have to look at the surrounding circumstances of how it occurred. he and his pregnant wife is bludgeoned 37 times. she is stabbed with an ice pick. the children are bludgeoned to death and he has one single stab wound. he has no defensive wound whatsoever.
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
megyn: fox news alert. new reaction to this video showing governor romney criticizing some of the president's supporters of being too dependent on the government. this reaction from one of the gop nominee's most high profile surrogates. >> reporter: chris christie has been known at times to be blunt and direct himself.
2:55 pm
he's reacting to the romney fundraising comments. christy calling those comments inart fult but he says henows what's in his heart. >> he believe every american has to have skin in the game and has to have a stake. he doesn't want what the president wants which is a bigger, more bloated government taking more people's money. he wants to empower individuals to sacrifice and opportunity to make their life's as great as they can be and to make america greater. that's what he's talking about. >> reporter: he said the christy says he won't comment -- he did not think this will affect the campaign. >> i think if you guys want to talk about it for a day or two,
2:56 pm
then we'll move on. peel move on to the issues people care about. how to get people back to work. how do they save for their kids' college. >> reporter: christie himself has been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2016. megyn: meteorologist janice dean says parts of the mid-atlantic and northeast could be in for dangerous thunderstorms and possibly tornadoes. that's next. i'm only in my 60's...
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